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Diesel Repair and Maintenance

Diesel engines tend to last longer without major repairs than gasoline engines. However, every diesel owner will likely encounter some pitfalls and problems along the way. Regular diesel repairs and maintenance are absolutely imperative if you want a diesel engine to last.


Typical maintenance tasks include:

  • Changing the Lubricating Oil
  • Changing the Air Filter
  • Changing the Fuel Filter
  • Bleeding the Fuel System
  • Draining the Water Separators


Not every shop has the knowledge or equipment to handle diesel engines. From maintenance to diagnosis and repair, our technicians have the expertise and training to be able to handle all your diesel needs. Integrity Fleet Service has extensive experience with most diesel engines, including Cummins, Power Stroke and Duramax. You can feel confident that we have the know-how to completely care for your diesel engine.


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